Helping Organisations Foster [Social] Entrepreneurship

You know that startups are great, so fostering that entrepreneurial spirit within your university or community feels like a no-brainer.

But now you’ve hit a stumbling block. You’ve realised you don’t have all the skills needed or the capacity to teach them.

Well, that’s where Uncaged Ventures steps in.

We see starting businesses as a way for people to create a positive impact without having to rely on continual funding.

We can provide direct training to your budding entrepreneurs, or help you design and deliver a comprehensive programme.

A Brief Introduction to Uncaged Ventures

Uncaged Ventures is here to support anyone who wants to explore modern ways of creating a positive impact. With barriers to entry lower than ever, it’s never been easier to make a difference.

We don’t care what you call yourself or what structure you take. We only care about the positive change you want to bring to your local and wider communities, and we want to ensure you can make that happen.


How Uncaged Can Help

We strive to be as innovative as the change-makers around us. We’re not keen on just regurgitating information; we work hard to find creative ways to share what we know, and to get the next generation of entrepreneurs fired up! Here are some of our favourite formats and content ideas:

  • Action learning sets
  • Advice sessions
  • Bootcamps
  • Coaching
  • Curriculum development
  • Masterclasses
  • Planning intensives
  • Research
  • Structuring support programmes
  • Business model canvassing
  • Bidding, tendering and commissioning
  • Finance, funding & fundraising
  • Idea generation
  • Impact measurement
  • Intellectual property
  • Lean startup
  • Marketing
  • Pitching and presenting

What clients are saying…

I was applying for a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa so asked Uncaged to review my business plan. They did a great job identifying the gaps, recommending additions and making corrections. They were very professional and efficient, my finished plan was fantastic and my visa application was successful. Every startup needs professional advisers like Will and his team at Uncaged.

Yu Wang, MSc Public Policy, University of Bristol

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